Friday, October 2, 2009

Decor Elements Wall Hanging

In a few short weeks I will be working at my first craft fair. I couldn't be more excited and I am trying to brainstorm ways to really showcase all that Stampin' Up! has to offer.

I know that Decor Elements will be huge at the craft fair since many people who shop the fair are interested in home decor. I absolutely love the Laundry Decor Element and wanted to show it, but I also wanted to keep it for my own laundry room.

Sooo.... I decided to make a wall hanging. But what to use?? We used to have a small cabinet with a glass door in our bathroom but it was starting to fall apart so I took it apart several months ago and the pieces were waiting in the garage ready to be taken to the dump. The sides and top were laminate so I didn't want to use that for this project, but the glass door seemed perfect!

I removed all the hardware and patched the holes before spray painting it a glossy white. Then I cleaned the glass really well with some Windex before adding the Decor Element. This went on so smoothly! I cut off the overlap and placed the glass back in the frame.

Next, I needed to figure out a good way to hang this. I wanted a more country look, so I used some picture hanging wire and hardware on the back side, then I loosely covered it using 1 1/4" Chocolate Chip Striped Grosgrain. I think when I put it in its final place I will do a bow at the top.

My laundry room is still in production and I plan to paint the walls either a robin's egg blue or a light yellow. For now, I used a wall in my dining room as a backdrop for the photo.

The other project that I plan to show are the cool new blocks and Holiday Mix Decor Elements (pg 30 of the new Holiday Mini). Those are too, too cute!

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Accessories: 1 1/4" Chocolate Chip Striped Grosgrain (115617), Laundry Decor Elements (large- black) (116157)
Other: Glass Paneled door, Picture hanging hardware and wire


Kris Kilcoyne said...

How cool and creative!

Love seeing the decor elements being shown.

Melissa said...

I am playing around with that Laundry Decor item as well! Great minds think alike!

I love the way you used it and "recycled" an item! Very green of you!

Good luck at your craft fair!

Patti MacLeith said...

Very cool! I wish I had a laundry room to use this Decor Element!

Mary Fish said...

What a pretty project! Laundry will be a delight! You're right about home d├ęcor being a focus at the craft fair. Good thinking. Hugs, M

Martha said...

Love your project. I love seeing decor element projects. TFS

Carla Bazhenow said...

What a great idea, you'll do well at your craft fair. Hugs,

....Linda.... said...

Terrific idea - looks great on the "window"!

Kim said...

Good Luck at the craft fair! This was a fabulous idea with your recycled 'door'. I just completed one of my own decor elements projects and I love it. So simply and so WOW :)

Melanie Collins said...

Very creative! The decor elements are sure to be a hit at your craft fair. Can't wait to here how it went!